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Diecimo Via S. Quasimodo n. 28
55023 - Borgo a Mozzano (LU)
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(Steve Jobs - Apple)

The first time I heard this sentence I thought. . . is the right sentence for me !!!!!!!

I don't have to be the judge of whether I do a great job. . . I do my best, always. . . and in the evening when I go to sleep I am peaceful because I could not do more. . .

This is my philosophy of life, it will not be the right one, but it is mine. . .

Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Massimiliano Lenzi the owner of the SELECT IMMOBILIARE agency.

My story is simple, I was born in 1973 in a normal family, where my parents worked and I often stayed at home with my grandmother. Childhood and adolescence spent happily with my family, with friends and practicing my favorite sport, football that I played for up to 30 years.

I didn't like school very much but I had good results. I graduated as a surveyor in 1991 and I tried to go to university, but studying was not my forte and after a few months I "entered" the world of work. A friend of my dad took me with him, and by doing so he gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, and for that I will always be grateful.

I loved the houses and buildings, I looked at them, I dreamed of them, I drew them, I restructured them. . . I was intrigued by the real estate world, but I was on the opposite side.

So in 2007 I decided to open my agency.

Clearly I did it in the most difficult moment of the last 30 years, and many told me "but who made you do it" !!! I do not deny that they have been difficult years, but I am a stubborn one, and when I want to reach a goal I do everything to get there.

And here I am. . .

What I do ?

I can help you find your new home for sale or lease, I can help you sell or rent it, advise you on a division of inheritance or an estimate, verify that a property is regular from an urban-cadastral-mortgage point of view, advise you professionals of all kinds (surveyors, architects, engineers, accountants, artisans, etc.), I can give you advice for a mortgage request with various companies, promote and advertise on the best portals, make videos, 360 virtual tours, web marketing and more. . .

But in the end you will think. . . but all other agencies can do it !!!! What do you have more than the others? Why choose you?

I have one more weapon than others. . . I have a wealth of technical and specific knowledge on urban planning, land registry, contracts and succession deriving from 15 years of profession as a surveyor who often help me find solutions and solve problems quickly. . .

I am determined, precise and professional (not me, but my clients). . . but the ultimate goal is not pure and simple gain, yes certainly that too, we all work to earn. . . but the thing that interests me most is to accompany the customer in the purchase / sale process with transparency, serenity and the right attention, because each of us has different needs.

It often happens that customers who have bought or sold with me mention my name to friends and family. . . It is something that fills me with pride because it means that maybe I did a good job and made people happy. . .

Some properties that might interest you

Diecimo Via S. Quasimodo n. 28
55023 - Borgo a Mozzano (LU)


VAT: 02253750463
Num. REA: 210278
DIECIMO VIA S. QUASIMODO N.28 55023 Borgo a Mozzano
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