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The Select Immobiliare agency was born in 2007 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Lenzi Massimiliano. He graduated as a Surveyor in 1991 and began his apprenticeship and was soon promoted to practice as a freelancer. He exercises it with great passion until 2006, the year in which he wants to change..... With his communication skills, professionalism, organization and sales he soon becomes one of the most requested real estate realities in the area and a point of reference in the Middle Valley and Garfagnana. Always supported by external consultants of depth, evaluates and selects properties of all types that meet the precise needs of the numerous Italian and foreign customers. A small, very dynamic reality with significant experiences behind it and full of positive energy.



In these 16 years of activity in the real estate sector we have now developed a specific professionalism, organization, ethics, transparency, reliability and competence, trying to redevelop the profession of real estate broker, which has recently been in crisis. All this is the basis of our professional commitment, which develops in total transparency and integrity in the relationship with the Seller/Buyer Customer, in addition to the utmost confidentiality and discretion.



Buying, selling or renting a property is not easy. The Real Estate Agent, or as we call him, the Real Estate Consultant must be able to manage the requests of all his customers with precision, attention and in the right time and manner. He clearly has to carry out an extremely correct valuation of the properties and find possible buyers / tenants in the shortest possible time. We differ from others because the ultimate goal of our work is not to sell or rent, but to make the customer happy. It is being able to accompany him in total serenity and tranquility in the sales process, up to the deed, making the experience memorable! But positively. We try to take care of every detail, from the photo to the video, from the web announcement to the visit itself, without neglecting the necessary checks for the urban/cadastral/mortgage/tax regularity for the sale itself. Our wish is yours! We are not alone in this process, we are by your side. United we are stronger. We are convinced that our commitment, our experience and our professionalism (due to continuous refresher courses) are the most important tools for achieving our goals. The relationship with the customer, however, always remains the most important thing. We would like to become the point of reference for all those looking for a home in Media Valle and Garfagnana.




The first time I heard this sentence I thought . . . that's the right word for me!!!!!!!

I don't have to be the one to judge if I do a great job. . . I give it my all, always. . . and in the evening when I go to sleep I am serene because I could not do more. . .

This is my life philosophy, it won't be the right one, but it's mine. . .

Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm Massimiliano Lenzi, the owner of the SELECT IMMOBILIARE agency.

My story is simple, I was born in 1973 in a normal family, where my parents worked and I often stayed at home with my grandmother. Childhood and adolescence were spent happily with family, friends and practicing my favorite sports, football and skiing.

I didn't really like school but I had good results. I graduated as a surveyor in 1991 and tried to go to university, but studying was not my forte and after a few months I "entered" the world of work. A surveyor friend of my dad took me with him, and in doing so he gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, and I will always be grateful to him for this.

I loved houses and buildings, I looked at them, I dreamed of them, I drew them, I planned them. . . I was curious about the real estate world, but I was on the opposite side.

So in the year 2007 I decided to jump the other way and opened my own agency.

Clearly I did it in the most difficult moment of the last 30 years, and many said to me "but who made you do it"!!! I won't hide that they've been difficult years, but I'm stubborn, and when I want to reach a goal, I do everything to get there.

And here I am. . .

What I do ?

I can help you find your new home for sale or for rent, I can help you sell or rent it, advise you on a division of inheritance or an appraisal, verify that a property is in order from an urban-land registry-mortgage point of view, advise you on professionals of all types (surveyors, architects, engineers, accountants, craftsmen etc . . .), I can give you advice on applying for a loan with various companies, promote and advertise on the best portals, make videos, 360 virtual tours, web marketing and more. . .

But in the end you will think . . . but all the other agencies can do it!!!! What do you have more than the others? Why choose you?

I have one more weapon than others. . . I have a wealth of technical and specific knowledge on urban planning, land registry, contracts and successions deriving from 15 years of profession as a surveyor which often help me find solutions and solve problems quickly. . .

I am determined, precise and professional (not me, but my clients). . . but the ultimate goal is not pure and simple earnings, yes, that too certainly, we all work to earn. But the thing that interests me most is to accompany the customer in the buying and selling process with transparency, serenity and the right attention, because each of us has different needs.

It often happens that customers who have bought or sold with me mention my name to friends and relatives. . . It is something that fills me with pride because it means that perhaps I have done a good job and made people happy. . .

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