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Leasing - We also offer to our clientele numerous properties for rent such as residential, commercial, and industrial. The fee for this type of service is equal to a month rent for one year or longer leasing contract and half of the monthly rent for leasing contract less than one year, with a minimum of € 250.00 each.

Corporate and/or business licenses – Besides the sale and leasing of real estate properties, we  deal with corporate and business licensing of any type, even partial. The fee is equal to 3% of the value from both parties.

Estimates - Upon the client request, the Select Immobiliare will provide any type of estimates: residential, service industry, commercial, manufacturing properties, properties with special scope, any kind of land and rural property.

Fee for a summarized estimate with information given by the applicant: free of charge.
Fee for a written estimate with information given by the applicant: 0.3% of the estimated value with a minimum charge of € 300.00.

Analytical  detailed estimate with information researched by the agency: 1% of the estimated value with a minimum charge of € 650.00.

Mortgages - In our Agency there are expert consultants that will help in evaluating and choosing a mortgage tailored to the client’s needs. The long standing collaboration with the primary specialized Banking Institutions and the vast opportunities that the mortgage market has to offer will be examined with the client to determine the mortgage that is the most convenient and suitable to the client’s needs. The consultants, which are available for free, will give advices  by comparing the best specialized banks and bank tellers, and will provide in a brief amount of time their opinion on the best possible feasible conditions, a speedy access to a mortgage, and will assist in submitting the request till the title deed.

Other - our agency offers other services for our clientele like:

- Cadastral assessed taxes and mortgage surveys in real time (the fee will be arranged at the time of the agreement)

- Commercial verification of the real estate property based on urban, cadastral and mortgage regulations (to be agreed with the expert in charge)

- Project feasibility studies to optimize the investment (to be agreed with the expert in charge)

- Division of wealth

- Successioni

Services provided to the buyer

Vast Data Bank - Our data bank has countless proposal available for review. Further, thanks to the collaboration of reliable professionals in the field, we can aid in finding a more adequate solution should this solution be not available in our files.

Guarantees for the Client - The Immobiliare Select is a professional agency duly registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca number Rea LU-210278 (Real Estate Agents and Agents with a Mandate Entitle to Charges), and therefore, with all the necessary authorizations to perform real estate mediations on all of the national territory. The Select Immobiliare is an agency associated with F.I.M.A.A. (Federazione Italiana Mediatori Agenti d'Affari) and therefore, also regularly ensured with Allianz s.p.a. account number 44331710.

Privacy and  Anti-Money Laundering - The Select agency complies with all law requirements in regulating and protecting Privacy, handling of personal information, anti-money laundering of all clients be it seller or buyer. Careful attention is given to the conservation and disclosure of the real estate documentation which is made available by the seller for the buyer. The release of the documentation is solely and exclusively with seller approval, who can at any time modify his/her choices in this instance.  

Assistance before the signing of the deed of sale - In order to have certainty of a good real estate purchase, we deem that identifying the property with the desired characteristics suitable to ones needs may not be sufficient.  We believe that the client’s needs should be always followed by valid professionals (technical, tax, and legal consultants) and hence, have the serenity which is acquired by pondering well all legal aspects of a purchase that for many is the only one in their life.

Therefore, the Select Immobiliare follows its clients till the signing of the deed of sale bonded by its abilities to avoid or to resolve any types of problems that may rise till the time of purchase.

Service after the sale (for a fee) - Whether your real estate property needs a plan, entire or partial renovation, whether you need a contractor to supervise the work or a security coordinator, a person to maintain the working budget, that can draw up a metric computation or a construction cost analysis or any other needs, the Select Immobiliare relies on numerous professionals among which the technical studio "Allegretti Studio Geometri" that has been operating for more than 60 years in the area with extreme reliability and professionalism.

Services provided for/to the SELLER

On-the-spot investigation - After a prior appointment with the seller, one of our staff, will complete a detailed report of the real estate property with all of its characteristics and will make an ample photo shoot for the advertisement of the property. Evaluating a real estate property is  fundamental. The quality of a photographic service is just as fundamental in order to entice a potential client to find the property. Thereby, increasing the ability of the agency to sell. At this time, essential documentation will be requested for evaluation of the property.

Appraisal - Upon receiving the documentation, a synthesis of the property evaluation will be drawn indicating the recent market value of similar properties.

Listing - Our agency operates with extreme reliability, transparency, and clarity in two different forms of commissions:  “open listing” or “exclusive agency listing.” With the open commission, the seller can carry out private negotiation or entrust the sale to other real estate agency. In this case we request a fair collaboration from the owner in supplying updates on potential deals. Nothing will be due to the Select Immobiliare in the event the deal is reached without our intervention. With the commission “exclusive agency listing”, the real estate property will be "exclusively" handled by our agency. Not  any kind of out-side deals can happen. Potential clients, even if introduced by the seller, will be managed by our staff that, through its professional expertise and methods, must successfully accelerate and improve the selling process. The percentage of the selling price mediation applied by our agency is equal to 3% on both parties. We have the right to collect the fee in the event the deal will be reached due to our brokerage. It should be noted that for the selling of the real estate properties in the amount inferior to € 50,000.00 the mediation requested by us is equal to €1,500.00, unless stipulated differently in writing between the parties at the time of the listing.

Drafting of the complete form of the real estate property and insertion in the files - After drafting up the selling agreement, in whichever form, there will be a detailed report on the real estate property and subsequently the property will be inserted into our vast files.

Audit of the property (for a fee) - This initial procedure is very important in order to define the outline of the property and verify that there are no urban, cadastral, mortgage or lien issues that may compromise in some way the success of a potential deal. Our main partner is the "Allegretti Studio Geometri" of Borgo a Mozzano (Lu) which has been in operation for more than 60 years in our territory with extreme reliability and professionalism.

Advertisement - The advertisement and the means to carry it out, will be accomplished and pursued with utter care by Select Immobiliare based on the characteristic of each property; all of this will be settled with the seller, for the introduction of the property on the market and for the advertisement technology more adequate for the selling. For all the properties, unless subject to different provisions of the seller, we will attend to of all of the following:

- insertion in the database of our internet site with an excellent number of monthly hits and good indexing in the Italian search engine;

- insertion in the database of the major specialized real estate portals; 

- publication of the real estate property on the local news of National newspapers;

- publication on some paper periodicals specialized in the trade of real estate properties;

- publication of brochure edited by the agency and placed in major points of congregation of our

 area, such as bar, restaurants, hotels and more.

In the event the seller wants more visibility on-site, with a simple request, we can post our for sale signs.

Work undertaken by the Agency – our, but also our client objective, is to be successful in selling the property in the shortest amount of time.
This is not always achieved in a short time. However, during the time the property in on the market, we will put together a report of all the appointments made with notes of the visitors' impressions, a record of the phone calls received and of all the advertisement made.


To the above described fees a IVA rate equal to 22% must be added. The brokerage must be paid at the conclusion of the transaction, that is, at the signing of the preliminary agreement, of the accepted purchasing agreement, of the rental contract or of the transferring contract.

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